Northants RAYNET – Background

You may or may not be familiar with RAYNET, however we have been providing emergency communications for over 30 years in the county and nationally since 1953 after the East Coast Flooding’s, when amateur radio enthusiasts, using their own radio equipment were the only way of providing a reliable link into the stricken area.

Our Local team members have a wealth of experience and thankfully we have not had a live call out in the county for a number of years but their skills have been called upon in the past to assist in providing radio communications at the tragic Lockerbie incident, when an aircraft was brought down by a bomb and its wreckage strewn over a wide area.

Another sad incident where the team played a vital role was the Kegworth air disaster, when a plane came down on the motorway, team members played an integral part in linking the emergency services on both sides of the disaster by radio enabling all the Emergency Services to communicate.

With so much unrest in the world the team does not stand on its past successes, to keep the teams drills and skills in tip top shape we regularly exercise with the Emergency and Voluntary services, along with providing radio communications support to local events across the county, this is backed up by monthly training sessions to ensure the continued high standards of the team.

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